Thursday, October 25, 2007


sickness couldn't have picked a worse time to hit me. yesterday i woke up and thought either i pulled a muscle in my neck while i slept, (i know it sounds far fetched, but it was much more positive than my other self diagnosis) or i was having a heart attack. this morning/all night long i am still feeling the pain underneath my jaw on the left side of my neck. i've ruled out a heart attack now thinking they come on much faster than this.. so now i am left with a painful swollen gland (maybe). i can't tell really when my glands are swollen cause i don't know what i am looking for (this excuse also works at the dr when she makes me feel guilty for not doing regular self breast exams...).

i do know however, when i yawn and also when i turn my head to the right and swallow i'm in some pain. but if i look straight ahead and swallow, no pain.. :) but i have a dull ache at all times in my neck area. this is not good news for my upcoming trip to boston. like always i have booked myself for every minute of the weekend and intend to meet those obligations, but this will most likely result in my sickness by the end of the weekend. :( hopefully tonights red sox game will be another blow out so i can go to be *early*.