Sunday, October 28, 2007

good times..

this weekend was another great visit to boston. the trip there was 4.5 hours despite the constant rain the entire way. my tires are so horrible that i was honestly afraid i was going to spin off the road with all the hydro-planing i was doing. i felt like a duck tour boat most of the way there.

even though the sky was overcast and my windshield wipers were doing double time the skyline coming in from the pike made my heart swell, i love that view of the city looking at it over the BU bridge. despite the rain there were still a ton of people out walking and running and just milling about the city, it really seemed like the city was alive.

i met fjk and we looked at the two shows at the ICA, they were interesting. then we had lunch by the water on the steps. not so good. the sandwich looked good and in theory should have been good, but it was lacking something. the quinoa that was served with it was worse that the sandwich. the best part of the meal were the cool VOSS water bottles.

the halloween party was next. pretty much everyone dressed up, it was great! my personal favorites were HSs flight attendant and KYs basketball player. JBP had a most original costume if i must say so myself though. you have to check it out. i won 1st place in the meat raffle costume contest and was awarded a couple of steaks. :) that LK is so creative!! she really outdid herself with the decorations. there was a frightening witch on the window in the front hallway. i should have taken a picture.

after the halloween party a few of us went to the tavern on the hill and met up with BG and LP. it was nice to see him, he's the same old same old. so funny. it brought me great joy to walk into the bar and see a veritable sea of red sox shirts. the bar was packed and just about everyone had red sox stuff on. it was great! this morning i noticed too that there were all kinds of patriots shirts everywhere. :) i miss NE.

i'm watching the sox final game of the series and have to say i am loving all the facial hair the guys are sporting.. trim beards and scruff is so attractive to me.