Sunday, October 28, 2007

lars and the real girl

friday night i saw LATRG with KW. i liked it and all the actors in it were great. it was another funny/sad movies. i love to cry at movies... i must have learned that from cath.

there were a couple of scenes where ryan gosling was at church.. it kind of made me miss church. i don't know where i would go if i were to start going again. i am not entirely sure catholic is the religion i would choose if i had a choice, but it's also the only strain of religion i know... that got me thinking too about SHs baby and whether or not they would have god parents for it. do other flavors of religion designate god parents like catholics do? is her baby going to be christened/baptised? are those the same things? can you tell that 10 hours of driving affords me lots of time to think? i also got thinking that she should also get a clan so that the baby will have a clan.