Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a little depressing...

yesterday on my way home from work, i'm lazily waiting for the light to turn when a car pulls up to the perpendicular light. i can't help but stare, it's a cherry red exotic looking car with a bright yellow and black logo on the side... upon further inspection i identify it as a ferrari.. it's not that i've never seen one before, but its rare that they cruise through the village. i scan the driver's seat expecting a crusty old man. much to my shock, it's an old classmate of mine. :( i have no idea what the worth is of the car (or really what model) nor do i know how he obtained it. but it makes me feel like i need to make more money.

from what i remember, this is what it looked like.

in researching which potential ferrari i saw, i noticed that some ferraris have 12 cylinder engines. wtf. who needs that kind of horsepower? a car like that would eat gas a rate 3 times that of my honda.. what a colossal waste of gas/money. i think even 6 cylinders is excessive. i take pride in the fact that my car has an engine comparable to that of a lawn mower.