Friday, October 19, 2007

MB and the Pom owners golf club.

MB has a golf date today with two of his friends that coincidentally all own Pomeranians. I just found out last week that he knows (and golfs with) two guys who have poms. i find that hysterical.. especially on the heels of the couple of commercials on tv that feature man owned poms. we laugh and joke that it's MB in the taco bell commercial where the guy is giving his younger brother 3 tips to live by, don't date a girl with a dragon tattoo that owns a lapdog... and his tattooed girlfriend brings him the dog and tells him to walk it. :) the bud light commercial featuring the ever barking poms is also a great one.

HEKD, maybe if you lived closer DD could join mikes Pom owning golf league and round out the foresome.

guess what!!! it's that time of year again, good movie season! there are 6 movies opening today that i want to see. i think i might cross one of these off my list tonight. which one do you vote i go see?

Things We Lost in the Fire (benecio del toro)
Rendition (reese and jake)
Gone Baby Gone (casey affleck - boston movie)
Elizabeth: The Golden Age (clive owen)
Into the Wild (i read the book, it was good)
Lars and the Real Girl (ryan gosling.. but sadly it's not coming out in syracuse this weekend)