Wednesday, August 27, 2008


nice things are being said about me here at work...

"Rebecca "Don't call me Becky" Brown. As many of you have heard, Rebecca has accepted a full-time job with OBG. (Boo Hoo). But wait! Don't get too upset. Rebecca will be staying with us part-time (usually on Mon/Tues/Thurs nights) to continue her webmaster/web design duties. Of course, this is still going to have a huge impact (because Rebecca is awesome), so we'll have to continue to think smart in our web planning. Please make sure any web requests go to the entire web unit."

tomorrow is my last day. i am happy to be starting a new job cause i LOVE change, but a little sad that i won't be seeing my old coworkers as regularly as i used to. i'll have to make more efforts to see these people outside of work. i can't lie though, i WON'T miss being on call anymore. :)

did anyone see that sox/yankees game last night? i am shocked at how badly A-Rod is getting booed in yankee stadium... i also thought it was funny to hear that francona said that he won't miss playing in yankee stadium cause they'll just be playing 100 yards away.