Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Movie Goals & a Funny Beach Post

hmm.. i've accomplished all my movie goals as of late, so time to set more...

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is peaking my interest. mainly because of javiar bardem, partially because of scarlett johannson, patricia clarkson is in this, whom i like, but so is that mumble mouth penelope cruz.. and it's directed by woody allen which is another strike... if i start to go into a drought i will go see this. comes out friday.

Burn After Reading this is the movie that has john malkovich punching brad pitt in the face in the previews. who wouldn't love to do that? i love malkovich, and frances mcdormand is in this too. its directed by the coen brothers, it's gotta be a home run.. this will be a must see, drought or not. comes out sept 12

Choke this is based on a book by the author of fight club. words like "vulgar, profane, obscene, provocative, satirical - psychotic" are being used to describe it.. that's all i need to know. lol. it stars kelly mcdonald who was the high school girl in trainspotting, and in Intermission, and more recently the wife who is or is not dead at the end of No Country for Old Men. i like her a lot. Owen Rowen from October Road is also in this movie.. this is a definite must see. comes out in a limited release Sept 26. hopefully it does well and will trickle down to syracuse. maybe i'll have to catch this at an art cinema.

Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist this is a michael cera movie where he seems to be playing his awkward and adorable character.. who cares that he is typecast, i love that character. the girlfriend in this movie (norah i would presume) is played by the girl that was charlie bartletts girlfriend in charlie bartlett. thinking its a must see. comes out october 3rd..

totally unrelated: Michael Ian Black posted this perfect synopsis of why he hates the beach on his blog.. i have to agree whole heartedly, i couldn't have said it better myself...uhm, probably because he's a write and i am not.