Monday, August 11, 2008

*sigh* the weekend is over.

i really should not have been silently congratulating myself for not throwing up on my drive to the wedding.. i should have foreseen that would come back to bite me in the ass. and bite me it did, and the cleaning guy at the econolodge. :( i wish i had more that $5 in my wallet when i checked out cause the guy that had to rid my room of the smell of chocolate milk/onion ring/beer/wine vomit deserves more than $5.

i took a lot of photos.. they all look like slight variations of each other too. sorry for the lack of diversity in them.

i learned some things about my friend ALs husband this trip:
1. This and That: The RB News is his homepage.. he is one of my biggest fans.. :)
2. He is famous, people know him where ever he goes, i'm talking paris hilton famous
3. He takes a mean picture.. as evidenced here, and here..
4. He had a hawk eye on the guy that walked down the aisle with his wife... i don't think he's prone to violence, but i wouldn't want to test him.
5. He kept tabs on the oh so attractive Zane for me all night, alerting me to Zanes bad behavior. :)
6. LOL.. thanks for the reminder AL... i also learned that he thinks its ILLEGAL to pull through a parking spot to the next one, and refuses to do it.

here are the rest of the photos from the weekend.

as a part of the healing process i went to bed yesterday at 530pm. :) and i slept till this morning.. there is not much a good long sleep can fix.