Tuesday, August 19, 2008

true confessions

  • i love driving home from the carousel mall at night after a movie. i truly feel like i am in my own video game. the road is 3-4 lanes wide, traffic is always sparse enough that i can go 75, but thick enough that it feels dangerous.

    the moon tonight on the way home from Tropic Thunder was almost orange, it was so low and looked like it was so heavy it was going to fall out of the sky. love

  • i don't know if its the actual dogs i despise, or the owners that shrug off their responsibilities towards them. but in the case of lucy and frankie i think its the latter. i've been "left" with these shit machines this week. usually i don't pay attention to them because they are not my problem nor my responsibility. this week its too hard to ignore the toilet that has become of the entryway. they are out of "potty pads"... so they piss and shit on the papers that are laid down. but they actually hit the papers only about 40% of the time. i've found shit on the rug twice now. that is the main reason i am considering taking them to the kennel tomorrow on my lunch break. the other reason is their indiscriminate barking. it's especially upsetting when i am in bed for the night and they decide to bark like a rapist has entered the house. ugh. they also smell bad and are sissy dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms. hate

  • i'm also taking care of the neighbors cats. it's not really that hard a chore, i need to feed them each half a can of fancy feast morning and night. i have no idea why these cats aren't as big as a house... they must have a treadmill of sorts... i went in tonight to feed them and they still had at least half a bowl of food each. i just piled more crap on top of it.

  • that's it for this installment of true confessions.