Friday, August 01, 2008

how not to crack an egg

so last night cath and i partook in one of our favorite activities, baking and drinking wine... i finally witnessed how she manages to get egg shells into all her cooking..

this is what happened... she was making meatballs, and was adding eggs.. she takes the egg in her palm, smashes it down open handedly on the counter then crumbles the egg into the bowl. then she "picks out" the shells that make their way into the bowl. i was immediately disgusted and grabbed the bowl to look for myself for the non-existant eggshells and sure enough there were 3-4 pieces floating in there. cath doesn't have very good close range vision, so it's ridiculous to assume that she is able to remove all of the things she can't see...

so.. if you don't like eggshells, don't eat anything cath might have made with eggs in them.