Tuesday, August 26, 2008

new TV season is almost here

today Boston.com had a pretty comprehensive list of the TV shows that are coming out in the fall. here are most of the shows i will be watching..

9/1 Monday 8pm Prison Break
9/7 Sunday 9pm VMAs (it's britney bitch!)
9/7 Sunday 10pm Entourage
9/13 Saturday 1130pm SNL
9/16 Tuesday 8pm Biggest Loser
9/18 Thursday 8pm Survivor
9/22 Monday 8pm Dancing with the Stars
9/25 Thursday 9pm The Office
9/28 Sunday 8pm Amazing Race
9/28 Sunday 9pm Desperate Housewives
9/28 Sunday 10pm Brothers & Sisters
10/14 Tuesday 10pm Eli Stone
10/16 Thursday 1030pm Sarah Silverman Show
10/30 Thursday 930pm 30 Rock
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