Thursday, August 28, 2008

i am in between jobs. hee hee..

today was my *last day* at work.. it wasn't really that sad cause i'll be back tuesday evening. :) i was however treated to lunch and SLI bought me an eclair and he and AMCH had ourselves a little party. it was so unexpected and nice.

tomorrow HEKD and DD come for a visit! i am so excited, i loooove to have visitors. they should arrive in time to go to the dinosaur barbecue.. i think i might go crazy and order the ribs. :)

tomorrow is native american day at the fair. i am going at lunch time to have lunch with AMCH and SLI. it is their last day out at the fair.

afterwards i might go see Vicki Christina Barcelona. it's playing at 3:50... matinee! yeah.

guess what! good news, i have been commissioned for another painting. when i get started i'oll post my progress at my art blog.