Friday, August 08, 2008

all ready...

so i had a list of things i needed to accomplish this week and i've completed all of them except for watching my netflix movie.. haircut, oil change, waxing, shopping, outfit preparing, wine purchasing, woot.

i get so much done when i have the house to myself. maybe that will be a constant thing someday soon.

i am needing to get my AC fix lately the way LK does. :( our internet at work is now being prioritized, so business apps and exchange are getting higher preference than my mp3s. :(

so this weekend i am going to a wedding... the owner of my old fake ID is tying the knot. :) it's been a few years since one of the maryland peeps got married, i am looking forward to this shin-dig.

so since i have mostly completed my list, i am wondering if i should go see "step brothers" or watch some of my DVRd shows and drink wine... what would you do?