Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the king sized bed.

taking caths advice, i decided to sleep in their king sized bed last night... it was pretty breezy when i was going to bed, so i figured that sleeping in the bay window would be heavenly..

not sleeping in my room posed a few problems, first off the bed is so huge.. so huge that i needed to roll over twice to get to the side of the bed where i had left the remote control.. i don't know how its possible, but a king sized bed is so much more enormous than my queen sized bed. secondly fatty did not want to sleep in the room and protect me from intruders. she slept downstairs i think. i got caught up in HGTV's summer showdown, the color show.. so i didn't even attempt to fall asleep till midnight. well, about 1am the sky opened up and thundered and lightening'd and poured.. sure enough i soon had 2 chihuahuas scratching to get up on the bed. they are such sissys. so i let them share the bed with me, but the bastards wouldn't settle down. that little black one must have crawled and walked all over me until 2am.. the rain made the roads slick, and made the cars passing by that much louder.. i wasn't sure the alarm was going to go off, so i woke up every half hour or so to check the time..

it was a less than restful sleep. the breeze was nice though, and i wish i could have been closer to the other window to possibly feel rain splashing on my face.

i think tonight i will sleep in my own room again. it's more familiar.