Sunday, August 24, 2008

good times at the fair!

i've been to the fair twice in the last three days. once was for work, and yesterday was for pleasure.. KW and i met up with her friend KMH and her family. it was interesting to walk around the fair with a 2.5 year old and a 9 month old. we looked at a lot of cows, (lucky for me the wine tent is right near the cow building) and Matt wanted to sit on all the tractors.. it was very cute. we got to see joan jett, who from the crowd on the jumbo tron looks damn good for 49 years old, she sang and danced in a bikini top...

after KMH and her family went home KW and i found my work friends and headed off towards the midway.. we ended up ditching off for the wine tent, and spend most of the rest of the evening in that area. i got a refillable plastic wine glass that has a little battery in the bottom and lights up the stem with a plethora of colors.. it's pretty aweome i must say..

in case you couldn't tell, that is kate and i as sister grapes and sister peas.

my favorite of the night.

when we go back next weekend i think we should take the bus from shoppingtown like KW and i did.. it was 1.25, they drop you off and pick you up right at the gate, its air conditioned, and they run until midnight.. its pretty sweet i must say!

i got some great pics.. i've removed the butter sculpture ones, EH wants to be surprised..

here are the pics i took when i worked out there this year.

yay! the house isn't ghetto fabulous anymore!