Tuesday, August 05, 2008


i came to the realization the other night that i only owe $590.12 on my school loans.. then i will be school loan free!! i remember thinking back when i was in college that 10 years was so far in the future that i couldn't even imagine ever being out from under those debts.. i can't even tell you how freeing this feels! i almost feel like i should just pay it off at once, and not make my last 2.5 payments..

so i went to the gym last night with KW and even though i dreaded it the whole day, it wasn't that bad. it was actually pleasant.. tonight we signed up for the water kickboxing class.. cath swears the water classes are much tougher and more of a workout now.. last time i used to go with her to the classes it was kind of like playing in the water.. i'm hoping for a challenge.

our internet is spotty at best at work today. it makes for a very slow day.

i am getting a pedicure at lunch today.. what color should i go with? i am wearing this dress... (i love that it's now $29.99 btw) i'm thinking either black or silver.. leaning towards silver... but i've seen black a lot lately..