Wednesday, August 06, 2008

pulp fiction

i stumbled upon pulp fiction already in progress tonight when i recalled someone recently mentioning that they watched it, so i decided to watch a little.

damn, i forgot how much i loved this movie.. there are so many lines from this movie that i feel have woven their way into the fabric of my life.

i am also surprised at how young all the actors are.. bruce willis is wicked young, i dont' remember him ever being so hot... chris walken is also crazy young. rrrrrrr.

the soundtrack for this movie is also top shelf. i feel like they should give awards for soundtracks.

this movie will always remind me of the year we went as a family to see this for our christmas movie. we were taking turns deciding on which movie to see, and it must have been my turn. lucky for my parents the film broke right during the "bring out the gimp" scene.. to this day i don't think my parents have seen the whole movie.

damn. kathy griffin is in this movie too. :) they just cut the "oral pleasure" part. i need to break out my VHS version of this...