Thursday, August 14, 2008

"you fat, you eat too much!"

my roommates and i went to rodizio at the turning stone for dinner tonight for mike's 60th bday.. it's a brazillian barbeque. soo good. and sooo expensive! we joked the whole time that they were going to "charge us double" because "you fat, you eat too much". that is one of my favorite bald bryan drops from the adam carolla show.

the table next to us had brought their own wine since the casino doesn't have a license to sell beer or wine or liquor, and they had more than half a magnum left when they were done with their meal. somehow cath got the point across to them that we would love to take their leftovers.. so embarassing..

i am watching michael phelps as i type this... ooooh, i am so in love.. he just got a massage after leaving the warm up pool in prep for his 100 butterfly. rrrrrrrr it reminded me of the massages that were going on in the korean spa i went to one thanksgiving.

oh, i also put in my notice at work today. :)