Monday, July 31, 2006

ring, ring...

sometimes i feel like i am the only one that has an aversion to answering my cell phone, but my brain tells me there is no way i can be the only one.

here are some of the instances in which i don't answer my phone...
1. if the number is not in my phone book, and i am not expecting an odd number, doesn't get answered.
2. if i am at work, not answered.
3. if i am busy or in the other room, probably not answered.
4. if i can't hear it ringing, understandably not answering.

here are some instances when i will answer my phone...
1. immediate family members usually get answered... as do b-f's when applicable.
2. if i have plans or am making plans with someone i'll answer.
3. if i have called someone and left them a message because i need to know something.. i'm going to answer.
4. if i have a "feeling" that the call is important..
5. if i am in my car on a long car trip (which i find happens frequently), in an airport, am grocery shopping and have time to waste, i'll answer.

likewise, i make my phone calls when i am in my car (i always practice safe driving and use a headset), at the grocery store, mall or am restricted to a certain area while waiting.

just this morning i answered my cell phone on a fluke and my friend mentioned something about a discussion that had happened about me not answering my cell phone. i find that amusing cause as long as i have known these people i have been this way...

i can't remember when my aversion to answering the phone started, but i am guessing that it was sometime shortly after the invention of caller-id, which coincided with my use of the internet and aol. but it has definitely gotten worse stronger with age. i usually do check messages if there is one. if they don't leave a message, i figure it wasn't important in the first place. i know people that like to talk on the phone, they can do it for hours and hours and hours at a time. i physically can't, especially with the shrinking size of cell phones... first of all my battery will surely die within an hour and a half. second.. the phone will get so damned hot my ear will catch on fire. third.. i have way better things to do then sit and talk on the phone.

i find that email is my preferred venue for communication, it's almost easier to contact me that way then by phone.

i do answer my work phone though, cause you know, that's work.. and starting tonight i am "on call" for a week every few weeks, so i guess i'll have to learn that cell phones ring... it might be torturous... i'll let you know.

maybe i am the only one that feels this way, but i have a feeling i'm not..