Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ahhh, a free night.

finally, a free night. it's heavenly not to have anything to do! i am finally catching up on my DVRd shows. i have like 5 episodes of jimmy kimmel alone to watch.

did i mention that earlier this month i paid off my school loans? i am school loan debt free!!!! it feels great!

there was something i failed to mention about the weekend... it was pointed out in the comments. but i think they need further explanation..

after the baby junk sale with EH we went to breakfast at a local diner. it wasn't a scary "waffle house" type diner that you find in the south, it was a large chrome and neon diner that sat probably 75 people... so it wasn't small... but i am convinced that it takes a special kind of person to be a diner waiter or waitress.. think about it, i bet everyone of you has a good "diner story". i can think of at least 3... anyway... they guy comes over and takes our drink order.. he had an extra thumb... not kidding, it had a finger nail and everything.. it came out of his lowest thumb knuckle.. so gross. then when we were getting up to leave, i noticed that the woman sitting behind me had one eye sewn shut.. EH also witnessed some good child abuse. we couldn't get out of there fast enough. we were surprised to see a jaguar in the parking lot and surmised that the owner had to have been at the bank next door.

tonight the roommates and i went to sakanaya.. apparently monday thru thursday between 5 and 7 everything on the menu (besides drinks) are half price... i just realized i've not written a review of sakanaya fayetteville yet.. that is my next post..

i'm going to bed early tonight. i swear!