Saturday, October 11, 2008

good god it's gorgeous today...

it's so beautiful outside today.. perfect weather for ACH's party.. i'm excited i think there are going to be a bunch of former coworkers there.

i am kind of wishing the dodgers would get there S together and start winning so that i can possibly see an LA/Boston world series.. although i don't want to see manny booed in fenway... ugh, i'm torn. i watched some of the NLCS game 1 and was reminded that the phillies fans wave those obnoxious towells.. and yell things like "let's go kid cole!".. just seeing those towells waved all through a world series would annoy me.. but EBH said she would get me tickets to see a phillies/sox series.. so maybe i will root for the phillies to continue winning.

tomorrow cath and i are headed to PA again.. i feel like i live there.. :) we'll stay overnight and continue on to NYC monday morning.. i saw the website announcing the speakers and the winners of the Murrow awards.. apparently Brian Williams is giving an award to Tim Russerts family.

here are some of the other presenters.

i've only ever heard of Brian Williams (he hosted SNL last season, and KW and i just heard about him on our tour of NBC studios) and Bob Woodruff (he came to our station when he was in the area last year). but katie curic's show is winning an award, so maybe she will be there... not sure i would recognize her though...

monday afternoon cath and i are meeting up with my cousin, EH for drinks in SoHo or Tribeca. wooot! should be good times.