Sunday, October 05, 2008

amazing race

last week cath's old hippies were voted off. :) hee hee. now she has the "frat boys". so far, AH has paid and supposdly S&JH has paid half.

rebecca aja and ty (ninjas)
cathy andrew and dan (frat boys)
mike mark and bill (comic book geeks)
amanda nick and starr (brother & sister)
ryan terence and sarah (newly dating)
emily anthony and stephanie
hope ken and tina (football player & cheated on wife)
dan marisa and brooke (southern idiots)
sarah kelly and christy (divorcees)
jr toni and dallas (mom & son.. naked pics of dallas exist i hear)

i decided what i am going to be for halloween this year.. it's going to be gooood. cath spilled a plate full of crumbs into my laptop keyboard.. so my typing is even crappier now. :(

funny cat story today.. a week or two ago fatty had a clump of cat shit hanging off her furry ass. it was disgusting. well, apparently now she has another one. i haven't seen it, but cath swears its there. so she grabs her and runs her to the sink to hose her down wth the .. well, of course fatty starts meowing and trying to climb off cath.. she ended up being successful.. now hours later she jumps up on caths freshly laundered clothes and makes herself a little bed, grinding her shitty ass into cath's shirt. :) ahh karma.