Wednesday, October 22, 2008

wow... a lot goes into buying a house.

i am getting my ducks in a row to start this home buying process.. i'm starting to get my regular paychecks.. so i know what my income is now.. the scary part of all of this is how much money i don't have in my 401k to borrow against. :( i at least now where my 401k accounts are. ;) i had to look them up and after looking at old statements and seeing my "new" balances i'm pretty sad. good thing i won't be retiring for a long time..

my next step will be to call one of these banks that works with the sonyma mortgage and get pre-approved.

then i think i will be clear to go house shopping.. i am most excited about that prospect! then furniture shopping. lol..

i made quesadillas tonight and cut them all up and bagged them so i can bring them to work and work for meals. they are the most oniony and garlicy things ever! my coworkers will love me!

since i've been downloading TACS podcasts and listening to my ipod solely for entertainment at work i've been very annoyed by not having control of the order the podcasts play. they always appeared in my list in reverse chronological order.. that is completely annoying because when one segment is done it either stops, or plays one i just listened to (it's important to me to listen to them in the order they were created). so i did a little research and discovered that if i make a playlist itunes will sync according to the order i set in the playlist... great! but i also saw that if i set up a "smart" playlist i can set rules to it, so that all i have to do is download the podcasts and this playlist will automatically populate with the new podcasts and in chronological order. oh glorious day! it was heavenly to have the show just flow naturally into my ears without my intervention every 11-18 minutes.

speaking of downloading i downloaded facebook for my ipod the other day to be like all the other cool kids and liked it so much i looked at the free apps for twitter and found something called twinkle. it combines twitter with a "location-aware" application. so i can see who is signed up with them and twittering within specified distances from me. it's kind of neat. i wish more people used it, or there was one out there that was more widely used.. if you know of one, let me know...

this past weekend i went out to rochester to see teags and her parents. and my parents invited themselves along.. so it was a mini family reunion.. teags has two bottom teeth now, but is pretty guarded about letting you see them. i got to feed her, she bores really easily.. she was so cute though, she didn't even cry at cath this time.

here are the rest of the pics from this weekend