Monday, August 14, 2006

my muscles are sore.

this weekend was jam packed with great times. the wait for LK and HEK to show up was unnerving especially because i kept calling LK and she wasn't returning my calls, and of course HEK doesn't have a phone. :) but quickly the house started filling up with the fischers, the kamerys and the hunts. we played battle of the sexes 2 when everyone got there and i must say this new version is way more balanced.

saturday morning we arose early (some earlier than others due to loud animals) and headed out to the beautiful hideaway beach on lake ontario. after seeing the photos someone asked me if the white sand was imported, he didn't believe that such a beautiful lake could exist here in NY. tsk tsk.. silly boy. we had a slight issue on the way back. i should have known not to volunteer to ride with good for nothing paddler, cath. she is worthless. on the way back we had to split up the kayak paddle and both paddle like it was a canoe. linny (our boatmate), sensing our panic when cath let a piece of the paddle fall into the bottom of the lake, jumped ship about 60 feet from the shore. luckily she was wearing a lead so i was able to quickly hoist her back in.

we ate at the dinosaur that evening. as we were pulling up HEK exclaimed that Dan would be so jealous because we were going to a place called the dinosaur and dan's favorite barbeque sauce is "dinosaur" brand. let me just mention right now that HEK blew off Dan's bday to come out to syracuse because she forgot what day it was. she had no idea that the favorite dinosaur sauce originated right here in this very same barbeque joint. happy birthday dan.

there is a mechanical bull now in the bar called daisy dukes. i was hoping someone would ride it, but from dinner it was pretty evident that we were all tired from our canoeing/beaching expedition. however as soon as the country music floated into HEK's ears she was a changed girl, she almost sprinted for the bull and hopped on before the woman could even ask her to sign the waiver. while she didn't fall off, it was still great to see a familiar face up on the bull.. since we are all old now we ended our evening right before HEK turned into a pumpkin.

sunday was our peek into the sunday ritual set forth by b*ll and the beers'. we enjoyed a hella cheap and tasty breakfast at stellas diner. when the girls and left after brunch the real fun began which was attending the moving party thrown by b*ll. it was a great time, the only recommendation i will make is that next time he moves, he moves to a first floor place.

i finally got around to uploading some pics.

see pics from the monks wedding here.

see hek riding the bull, the beautiful lake ontario beach, and some more pics of b*lls new dewling here.