Monday, March 19, 2007

amazing race recap.

last night HEK and Double D lucked out and narrowly escaped the axe... i thought for sure they were gone-ers. i really don't like Uchenna and Joyce that much. i think they won the million the first time around by sheer luck, and the fact that they still haven't had a baby bothers me. they said something in the beginning about their marriage suffering and they were hoping this experience would bring them closer, etc. ugh. i hate that. my prediction for next week is that uchenna and joyce are kicked out. there is no way in hell they'll come in first.

cathy david and mary & joe and bill
emily oswald and danny & charla and mirna
hope uchenna and joyce
mike rob and amber & dustin and kandice
reba kevin and drew & john vito and jill
ryan teri and ian & eric and danielle