Thursday, March 29, 2007

another baby!!

someone else i know recently squeezed out a baby... they named him morgan. how cute is that?

morgan sheldon

i was just thinking about how after this wedding season i might be done for a while.. i think i have very few single friends left. the next people i can even think of getting married would be LK or KT, but if they aren't engaged at this point, they prob won't be married next season. :) woo who! i might be able to use my measily 10 vacation days on myself next year!!!

speaking of spending vacation on myself, i looked longingly at the red sox away schedule this afternoon. there are some late august/september road games that i might be able to swing if someone else wants to go. baltimore and NYY are looking decent. TB or CWS might be a possibility too... chicago looks like it might be the most fun (plus i know people there), tix look to be sold out, but i have faith that i can find tickets if necessary. :)

mark my words, next year i am going to see a sox/mariners game. i know people in seattle too! :)

ahhhhhh, it's almost friday.