Sunday, March 25, 2007


Last night was poker night. we played so many different variations of poker that i had never even heard of. it was nice to see CD-S and LD-S. i haven't seen L in probably over 15 years. crazy!!

i did a bunch of work sunday. yeah! big payday this week. not to mention i was called about 3 times as a part of my "on call weekend". :( but that is more money too!

i had a lot of fun at the mary kay party i went to friday night.. i bought some face cleanser and a lip liner. MHs sister is sooo funny. so is her mother. I can't get over how much she doesn't care to be a grandmother. cath would kill to have 4 grandchildren. :) MHs kids are so cute too.. i should have taken pictures.

amazing race was alright tonight. i am glad mirna and schmirna are winning. they are funny. still crazy as hell, but entertaining.. i was hoping that the guidos would lose so cath could share in my misery, but no such luck...

cathy david and mary & joe and bill
emily oswald and danny & charla and mirna
hope uchenna and joyce
mike rob and amber & dustin and kandice
reba kevin and drew & john vito and jill
ryan teri and ian & eric and danielle