Saturday, March 31, 2007

i achieved my goal, mostly.

i did the test run of riding my bike to work this morning. well, mostly. i went as far as the canal would take me which i estimate to be 2/3rds of the way. i am incredibly sore in my private area... why is a bike seat so uncomfortable? good god.

one thing i noticed though was that every single person that i came across was elated to be out and exercising. that baffles me. i don't understand people so happy about exercise. they must all be practicing "the secret".

speaking of "the secret", MK came to syracuse to visit her non boyfriend and she and i went out to eat while she waited for him to get out of work. it was fun, she ate a chili pepper that she shouldn't have, had no idea what a shallot was and made me order dessert. the food was really good, a bit pricey, but good. she told me that there is a movie about the book, and that i would like it. thinking only positively would be hard for me. someone else try it first. :)

i downloaded the pis from my camera and realized i had taken this one for LK back when she changed her icon.. i bought this in france for my desk. its head constantly moves side to side and its solar, so no batteries. i love it!