Monday, April 02, 2007

i would have learned a lot more history if it was more like "the tudors"...

in case you haven't watched any TV in the last week or so, Showtime has a new series they are pimping called "the tudors". its based on henry the 8ths reign in england. they got jonathan rhys meyers to play king henry. in the 50 minute episode that debuted last night there were about 4 sex scenes. niiice. i'm not sure i buy JRM as a king though, he seems very young. i am recalling this show from yesterday because i just ate this juicy pear, and it reminded me of a super sexy scene where king henry goes to town on this pomegranate. i will never look at pomegranates the same way again.

great, now my tongue and gums are swollen, damned pesticides!

cath was struck down last night... joe and bill couldn't catch a break... if i had to make a prediction i would predict oswald and danny make it to the end.. that's who i want to win at least. dustin and kandice did a pretty impressive job last night with the piano though.

cathy david and mary & joe and bill
emily oswald and danny & charla and mirna
hope uchenna and joyce
mike rob and amber & dustin and kandice
reba kevin and drew & john vito and jill
ryan teri and ian & eric and danielle