Monday, April 30, 2007

list time.

last night i couldn't stop thinking about all the things i needed to do... sometimes i wish i could make a mental list, and then download it to my computer.

- go grocery shopping - lunch items and stuff to make lettuce wraps
- go to MVs house and drop off the checks for the pampered chef stuff

- post the bull riding video to the blog
- buy clinique cover up like SB has
- wax

- start on the place settings for SBs wedding
- get a list from her of the table names
- get a program from SB

- do vampbag website updates
- do FC work
- start going back to drawing as soon as LOST is over
- paint again
- clean the exploded red bull out of my glove compartment
- clean the milk off the back seat of my car

- make a new mixed cd
- finish reading the Lance Armstrong book
- finish HP 4.
- cut my afterwork computer time in half. only 2 nights during the weekdays.
- start taking nightly walks after dinner
- watch netflix dvds
- take my dress to be altered
- book my hotel room for HEKs wedding
- book my hotel room for BDs wedding
- put together the party favors for SB wedding
- update AR results