Friday, April 13, 2007

and the list just keeps getting shorter...

i don't know anyone that makes the time to watch TV/etc more than i do... i'm not really sure how to feel about that actually.. anyway... yesterday tom green was on the adam carolla show, so i logged into his website and saw that he had jeff probst on his internet show this past monday... in case you've never watched the tom green online show, it goes a little like this.. tom has set up a studio in his living room. he takes calls from anyone and everyone, he also takes skype calls, he has a cb radio that he can call truckers on.. all kinds of bizarre stuff.. the interview with jeff is about an hour and a half long, no commercials, etc. its pretty awesome, they drink beer and shoot the shit. check out his blog the interview is worth seeing , jeff talks all about how the crew lives off camera, how many people are on the crew, what he does when hes not hosting challenges, etc.. its cool.

this weekend i am off to olean/portville for SBs shower. good times will be had by all i'm sure. i'll take pictures, the games we have planned are going to be fun! in true brown/hunt fashion the bachelor party is the same night.. so i'm foreseeing some drama as our paths cross in their two horse town. :) i'll be sure to catalog it.

cath and i are hosting a pampered chef party in a week or so, and i am kind of surprised at the people that have said they want to come. i think its going to be wuite a little party. i am pretty psyched. some of the people i have not seen in a long time!! wooo who! let me know if you want to order something!

this coming monday is a holiday that only MA people know about. i think its officially called patriots day, but it might also be called evacuation day. whatever you call it, its a day off... it's also the day the boston marathon is run, and the red sox play their earliest game of the season. last year i went with a bunch of coworkers and had the time of my life. next year, if they are going, i'm so there!!

here is proof of the good time we had last year.

here is the whole album. :)