Wednesday, April 04, 2007

crick in the neck!

i must have slept wrong the past couple of nights. :( IBs seem to be helping though... and red wine will help me as i work tonight!

i bought the MLB radio internet package this year. i figure i can tune in here from work when games are on since i won't be able to watch them on tv. its kind of neat, i can pick which station i want to listen to, home or away, so i can listen to joe castiglione each time. :) what happened to the other guy? i notice that MLB also fixed up their "gameday" simulation web monitor thing. the graphics are nice, pretty soon, they'll have actual models of the players so they can be accurate when they step up to the plate. that is still free, btw..

when i was setting myself reminders in my calendar for all the games i need to listen to i saw that in a little over a week is the patriots day/marathon monday game that i should be going to. :( that was so much fun last year, and i'm sure its going to be a ball this year too. if anyone reading this is going to the game, please call me sometime during the day! send me cell phone pics, have a beer for me! maybe i'll be able to go next year!

this weekend the hunts and their menagerie come to the 'cuse for a visit. much wedding shower shopping will be done. i can't wait! speaking of weddings, i saw the season finale of Bams Unholy Union last night. what a production their wedding seemed to be. so many stars were there. she walked down the aisle to a song that reminded me of a graduation song, it was pretty, i love graduation music.. :) Bam dyed his hair purple and wore a purple velvet jacket. very nice! everyone wore black, it was cool, black is a good color for wedding parties.