Thursday, April 26, 2007

busy busy beaver

this week has been so busy. cath and i have been cleaning the house like madwomen in preparation for the Pampered Chef party we had. it turned out really well in my opinion.. and i am shocked at all the free things we are entitled to now just for having a party. its almost too much free stuff. :) i love having parties! but i don't love to go grocery shopping for two containers of $4 blueberries for the trifle recipe and coming home to find some pig that lives in the house ate almost a whole package! i nearly lost it when i saw that!

this weekend EH and SB come to town for SBs bachelorette party. i also have 3 other out of towners coming as well. i almost feel as though its my bachelorette party. :) hahaha..

i've been avoiding wheat for about a week now. this past weekend i had some beers while i was out watching the sox beat the yankees and the international UFC fight. on monday i had to take my heartburn medication. but since then i've been heartburn free. what have i been eating you ask? well. grapefruit for breakfast, peanuts as a snack. dry peanut butter corn cereal as a snack, cottage cheese with homemade pico de gallo, wheat free frozen meals (santa fe rice and beans, beef and portabello stuff, etc) rice, popcorn, yogurt, fruit, cheese... it hasn't really been that hard.

not eating pizza this weekend will be very difficult, as will not drinking beer. there is only so much wine a person can drink, ya know. :) maybe chocolate martinis will be in order!