Thursday, April 19, 2007

waiting and waiting...


they decided not to go ahead with the procedure, they are going to treat it with medication. however no word yet on when he'll be released from the hospital. cath said the next order of business is to get on them about releasing him. tommorow will be his 7th day in the hospital, wtf!!

****end of update***

i just talked to cath, MB is waiting to find out if he can eat lunch, or if they are going to do the procedure. they did two tests this morning, one where they simulate exercise on his heart to see if they did open up that artery any more, would it make a difference... and i don't know what the other test was.

but if they decide that it would be beneficial to open up that artery, they want to do it immediately.

i wonder if i could get some of that medication that would simulate exercise without actually doing it...SB or MK can you score me some of that?