Sunday, May 17, 2009

holy productive batman! ;)

everyone loves lists... so here goes my accomplishments this weekend.

1. dishes (wash and put away)
2. four loads of laundry (clean and put away)
3. attended a post secret art show opening
4. took patty to get her fetching haircut
5. vacummed and washed rugs
6. pulled out upwards of 50 hedges from the perimeter of my front lawn
7. filled in about a third of the holes with dirt.
8. grass seeded
9. weedwacked
10. mowed
11. planted a few tulips
12. returned all borrowed equipment to fayeteville
13. went out to dinner

batman and i removed all the shrubs in 1 hour.. i couldn't believe how fast we did it.. i almost thought it would be a 2 weekend type job. first we started by driving the bushes out by roping them to the hitch on the car, but it turned out the roots weren't too deep, so batman just dug them up while i knocked the dirt off the roots... i'm going to be sore tomorrow.



we went to eat after all this at red robin.. and didn't really realize until the end of the meal that our waiter had an aversion to clearing off the table. we had stacked up all our dishes in the middle of hte table in an attempt to send him a message to clear them.. he didn't get it.. he must have walked by 13 times, looked at them, even shook his head, yet didn't clear them away. the best part was when he delivered the dessert we ordered and becuase there was no where to place the dish he just held it over the table and said "here you go".. we had to grab it ourselves and find a place to put it. i peed my pants a little laughing so hard in the booth about that one.