Tuesday, May 05, 2009

thank god i am not working tonight.

*sigh* i had grandiose plans for tonight, sort mail, pack, laundry, file papers, plant tulips... but i'm afraid it's not all going to get done..

MB had his ablasion procedure today and it went well. however he is not breathing as good on his own afterwards, so they want to keep him intubated and mildly sedated until tomorrow morning..

we will know more tomorrow morning... say prayers...

i did however mow my lawn before i got this news.. and it is damn hard. my front lawn sucks, its very lumpy and most of it is at a 45 degree angle. and.. it's lined with a low row of hedges.. wtf.. that makes it near impossible to mow around. i almost fell backwards onto the sidewalk over the hedges, under the mower. my neighbors are probably laughing their asses off..

ugh. i have diarreah again now. and a paper cut.. and patty is dragging my dirty underware out of my room into the hallway.

calgon take me away.