Thursday, May 28, 2009


i started watching madmen tonight.. i didn't think i was going to like it... (even though john hamm is a total hottie) because the first few scenes really made me mad. the men are sexist pigs.. the women are either housewives or secretaries.. there is one line where one secretary is showing the other to her desk, and tells her not to be worried about all the "technology" (meaning the typewriter),she says, "the man that invented it made it simple enough for a woman to use". the show takes place in the 1960's in Manhattan at an Advertising agency mostly... people drink and smoke constantly, even pregnant women, even the doctor while he's giving a gynecological exam... kids ride in the cars without seatbelts or carseats, beer cans are opened with a can opener on two sides of the lid... women wear dresses in every scene.

it really makes me appreciate living in the era that we live... i can tell i'm going to be sucked into the rest of the seasons.. the good news is it's only got 2 seasons of 13 episodes each so far. maybe i can catch up before the next season starts.