Friday, May 08, 2009

some pics.

my hotel is pretty nice.. it's old and established... i went to dinner last night with UP, KH & J. we went to a local rib joint.. i got the veggie sloppy joe.. but had one of Js ribs, it was actually delicious. tonight we are trying our hand at the publican. and i realized that i can see the water town from my hotel, so i will surely go to the foodlife for lunch. oh, and we drove by 2nd city on our way to dinner. yay!!

here are some pics of my stay so far.

the sunsetting from the plane window was so cool...

my toilet couldn't be closer to the vanity unless it was underneath it..

this is UP. he has an ARCHAIC phone..

this is NOT where obama gave his acceptance speech. i've been told that was at grant park. where the married with children fountain is.

this is one of the cool fountains.. every so often water spit out of the video where the girls mouth is...

i'll upload comprehensive pics when i get back.