Wednesday, May 06, 2009

in the airport

i'm in the airport... i love when they have free wifi.

i am on my way to chicago.. there is a well dressed british man ordering some fries and a soda from the bartender in the bar i'm waiting in.

MB has awoken and it fine.. he will most likely go home tomorrow..

i have a two day conference and then i will be frolicking around chicago with KH, her bf and UP.. woo who. fun times.

i sold my drawing.. i hope the gift recipient likes it.. i'm sure the commissioner will say it was well received anyway.. ;)

the baggage guy let me check a bag and didn't charge me the $15.. he looked like jonathan rhys meyers.

I'm not supposed to board for another 20 minutes, but an airline worker came and got a girl from this same bar a little while ago and she thought that she wasn't boarding for another 15 minutes. he said the plane was boarded and waiting for her... i wonder if they would come and look for me...