Friday, May 01, 2009


it's been almost a week since i updated. i'm getting as bad as SH and HEKD.

speaking of HEKD, she is having a baby shower this weekend... i keep hearing how formal it's going to be. we'll see.. oh shoot, i didn't grab the address. :( HEKD, can you email it to me? i have my tomtom here at my desk.

we are supposed to go out sat night. should be a good time. :)

next week with be pretty crazy for me i think.. i feel the stress creeping in. i am super busy at work, MB has a "procedure", and i got to chicago for 4 days.

chicago should be fun.. i *think* UP is going to be in chicago the same time as me.

i'm trying not to think about all the shit i have going on or it will stress me out. i think i need to get some stronger medication.