Monday, July 13, 2009

baby wipe free sewer pipes

so after last nights debacle, the city was supposed to come to my house between 8-10am. at 730, i hear patty barking her fool head off... they were early, and i was in bed. i jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on, limped my way to the door and was greeted by three men. one wanted to see the water standing in my basement. i led him downstairs to the dried up bit of TP and shit in my utility room... great... so i suggested we flush the toilet.. we see some water in the other room, in the hole, but it's not bubbling up like before.. so i run upstairs and flush that toilet.. it spurts up into the shower. one of the men takes a strange looking plunger and tried to plunge the hole in the utility room.. he says he can't get any suction because of the drain in the shower... they say the road looks clear to them, and i need to call a plumber. i tell him i called on yesterday and they told me to call him (the city) first.. then he asks who i called. i tell him the name of the first plumbing company that showed up for my zipcode with a website in google. he suggests another plumber even though he says he's not supposed to..

so i call his suggestion and and their motto is they will "drain your pipes, not your wallet".i leave him a message, it's 10 of 8. at 8:15 i get a call from this plumber, he can be here in an hour.

i shower and check my emails. he shows up promptly at 9:15. he is smoking and has a friend that pulls this contraption that looks sorta like a snowblower, or small lawnmower out of the van, plugs it into the van and it starts snaking down into the drain at the curb. he puts 10s and 20s of feet into it while the smoker checks out the basement and asks me to flush the upstairs toilet. i over hear the friend saying it took him 3 trys and i see him pull the snake out completely and there are white sheets of paper stuck to it.. baby wipes i later learn.

the smoker comes back into the house and gives me a bill for $135. i write him a check and watch him leave. it's 9:30.

as i am getting ready to leave the house i see that patty has thrown up in her cage over night.

i left it, i am a bad mother. i reached my bodily fluid clean up max for the day. maybe tomorrow. maybe i'll leave her cage unlocked tonight in case she can't take sleeping next to vomit for another night.