Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i heart technology

i just felt like declaring that. i think it's because i can't believe how easy it is to manipulate my new hosting account, and i am LOVING tweetdeck for my desktop. that program is really quite awesome, if any of you tweet and follow people with any regularity, this is a must have.

i also enjoy that some of the madmen characters are starting to follow me because i started following betty draper. :) i know its fake (or is it?) but i like it. i think i could probably follow just about every character on the show. hee hee.

another thing i really love is routing my mail through googles app. i never realized how much i would love their email sorting/labeling/archiving system. i was always skeptical of it, but now, it's the bees knees.

i also love the auto spell checker a'la word and their squiggly underlines in my blogger wysiwyg editor.. i wonder if it's a function of firefox or not... i don't recall having that in IE. speaking of which, firefox is infinitely more stable in vista than IE ever was. if you haven't made the switch yet. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? do you like your browser window to crash every session?

i see that LK beat me to the punch and launched her new blog before i did. maybe i'll have some time to spend on it this weekend. i've been concentrating really hard on setting up my new profile with google. still can't get my new calendar to work right in google desktop, nor are my subdomains working properly, but i am confident i will be able to get it to work at some point... but anyway, check out LKs new blog.. it's not password protected, so anyone can read it! yay!! bookmark her.

let me tell you this flower story.. (Aunt C you are going to like this, it's about flowers.) cath always gushes about how much she likes to garden, and how she would "do it everyday!" so i offered her to do whatever she wants with my gardens in the front of my house, she agreed. we were supposed to go to her 2 favorite garden stores after work last week cause they were open till 7, but i had to come straight from work so we would have time to make it to both.. cath assured me that they BOTH close at 7. we didn't end up going last week, and planned to go sunday after the guests all left town. well, the casino called cath, and the raw sewage in my basement couldn't be ignored, so sunday turned into tonight, right after work! so i hightailed it to her house, as we are driving over to cazenovia (or chittenango i don't know which) at 540, she tells me, oh, bad news, debrouques closes at 3pm. WTF! well, at least we could still go to sorbellos. we pull in at about 545. what time do they close? 6!!! jesus!! cath assured me last week they were BOTH open till 7. SHE NEVER CALLED EITHER.. liar. needless to say we didn't get much, we didn't have time, nor the stomach to peruse the merchandise because the manure smell was so bad in the air you could taste it. i have certainly had my fill of shit smell for the year this week.