Sunday, July 12, 2009

much worse than i thought. **update below**


mike and i just snaked a bunch of drains with his 30' snake and didn't get much accomplished. in fact, we might have made it worse. it smelled like sewage in the basement this morning when i went down to get BreeD a yinyer-ale and i found out this afternoon it was because there was some standing sewage water on top of the drain in the utility room in the basement. mike and i snaked that drain and did get to a point where we couldn't push the snake through anymore, and were able to pull some raw sewage out on the end of the snake, but that didn't seem to make the problem go away. i am afraid to take a shower, but i need to because i got some backed up unpleasantries on my forearms, and hands and probably elsewhere.

i've emailed a plumber. i didn't want to call the emergency number and pay extra because it was a sunday evening.. hopefully they email or call me tonight.

:( this is crappy, pun intended.

i got an email back from a woman at the plumbing place (ironically named luann) and she suggested i contact the city and ask them to "power flush" the lines. if that doesn't solve the problem she said that they could come out..

woo who.. i hope there is no cost from the city. isn't that what taxes are for?

however... i have to wait for them to come between 8-10 tomorrow morning..