Thursday, July 16, 2009

busy busy girl

i am looking forward to not having anything much planned this weekend. i have some things i need to get done:

1. mow lawn. i am THAT neighbor, the one with the white trash lawn bringing down the property value of the street. i can't help it though, i found i HATE mowing the lawn. no wonder it's a boys chore...

2. laundry. i couldn't really do laundry last weekend for obvious reasons.

3. sleep in. this is also something that i didn't have time to do last weekend.

4. paint. i need to get my ass going on EBHs painting... shiiiiit.

5. draw. i started 3 drawings ages ago and on my wall they hang, waiting to be worked on.

6. walk patty. she loves it, and my foot feels better when i do it. but i rank walking the dog slightly higher than mowing my lawn. i have a bad attitude.

7. get last seasons Entourage. i never saw last season cause we got rid of HBO right before it came out last year. they are only 30 minute episodes, shouldn't be hard to bang out.

8. catch up my DVR. i have a handful of shows to watch, michael phelps was just on conan, did anyone watch? shiiiiit.

9. go to the middle eastern festival with mike. i have never been to this, but it looks very similar to the greek festival.. and i love that food.

i guess i do have more planned than i thought. this is my last "free" weekend for a while. i have a trip to MA and NH planned for the weekend of the 25th. then it's CO guests and family reunion time. a possible trip to NYC in early august, back to MA mid August, then before you know it it's fair time and some MA friends are coming out to visit. damn, summer is almost over!!