Monday, July 27, 2009

they're coming, they're coming!

tomorrow my house guests come to town. i could not be more excited. we've got all kinds of fun things planned, dinner tomorrow night, a baseball game & tailgate, pizza making party, then the reunion/camping up at sandy pond.. it's going to be an exciting next 9 days!

this weekend however i was able to steal away to new england.. and apparently so did the rest of the driving world. traffic was unbearable. i think i spent more time driving then i did visiting. :(

PMB's formal living room

it was great catching up with PMB and JK in their newmarket, NH home. it's absolutely gorgeous, i want to decorate my place just like PMB did hers. she's my hero.

father and baby

spending a night in sandwich, MA also afforded for some good times. i got to meet the new K-D addition. he is precious! very squirmy and has an extraordinarily strong neck for a 5 week old, but such a good baby, even if he does have blue poop.

rounding out the NE tour was a tour of another type. JBPs new house in centerville. they are JUST moved in, but the place looks great! i am so happy for them. they have a lawn that was made for entertaining, so i look forward to many good times on nottingham road in the future.

here are the pics i took....