Friday, July 24, 2009

new england whirlwind weekend.

i have today off!! wooo who! i feel like i haven't had a day off in a long time. :)

today i am driving to visit an old friend who lives near my favorite NH town, portsmouth. i have nothing but great memories of portsmouth.

tomorrow morning i drive down through boston and pick up miss NYC and we head down to the cape for a relaxing stay on lower hog pond, the new addition to the KD family will be there too!! i can't wait to see his cute little dimples in person.

sunday i'll get a preview of the new JBP compound.. i can't wait, from the pictures i've seen it looks like a dream house. :)

i'm sure this weekend will be chock full of old stories and many laughs. hopefully no vomiting.. :)

meanwhile back at the ranch, i've been furiously preparing for my houseguests next week. i was thinking how my house only really gets scrubbed when i have guests coming. :) thank god for guests.. i washed the off white rug in the living room for like the 4th or 5th time since i've moved in. cath had the brilliant idea to scotch guard it this time... so i am doing just that. i hate this rug, with fervor.

the cleaning/groc shopping will need to continue when i get back on sunday..

yesterday my gardener (cath) came by my house and planted all the plants i've been buying.. she tore out these bushes that the previous owners had in the front planters...

here is the left side before and after...

here is the right side before and after...

alright, i'm off to buy all the things i need to buy to bring with me at the grocery store.