Friday, November 21, 2008

it's a good day -- well , it was a good day.

only 1 more day till the shit machines are gone! oh how i will not miss the smelly couch blankets, the snoring, the pissing and pooping in the entry way.. ahh. heaven, even if i'll only be able to enjoy it for a short while...

i just read this and am soooo sad, wtf. i love eli stone.

i realized i need to bring with me 3 laptops this week... that's a little ridiculous... 2 for work, and 1 for my itunes. my trunk is basically full of computers. i'm screwed if i get in an accident. Well, I spoke too soon. In the middle of this blog my personal computer *died*. This is a horrible thing to happen.

not to mention 8 days worth of clothes. shiiiiit

i bought snow tires today.. it was a deal i can't refuse... $50 a tire. and they are no flat.. which mike told me means i can run over a nail, drive 80 miles and hour and the tire won't go flat. plus they are coming off a mini cooper.. another reason i couldn't resist.

I'm finishing this blog on my iPod, crossing by fingers that if I let my laptop have the night off it will magically work tomorrow.