Saturday, November 15, 2008


i've been inspired to watch weeds lately.. great show... cath even got sucked in. i'm midway through the 2nd season.. the theme song for this season is sung by a different artist each time.

speaking about weeds, cath had "only 3 " glasses of wine before we went to blockbuster to get the next two discs. cath was more than loopy in the store and didn't realize that the boy behind the counter prob thought she was high. we had a good laugh about it in the pkg lot.

we went to the home inspection this morning.. there were a few things that we want the sellers to fix. hopefully i'l hear tomorrow what they decide..

we had fun looking at the house and imagining where to put my yet to be bought furniture.

since the great purge of belongings before i left MA leaves me with little to nothing... this is what i think i have...

my bed
my fold up computer table
my wheely desk chair
kitchen stuff
a TV, VCR and DVD player
a small bookshelf that will double as a night stand
an oval end table of sorts
a black wood chair
4 wooden tv stands
cath is giving me the crappy dresser that is leftover after she gives sarah the nice set
a sewing machine
1 desk lamp
1 tall lamp
a treadmill
an air mattress
another small book shelf
a coat tree

i'm going to need to hit up craigslist for some modern furniture... and IKEA and the raymor and flanigan scratch and dent.

i'm excited to finally get to use all my pampered chef purchases from almost 2 years ago that i have never opened.

i'm also excited to have a clean organized fridge...woo who!

another item i need to buy tout suite is a snow blower.... my driveway is not too wide, so i am going to need to make sure i keep it snowblowed.

here is the pic of my desk that i promised. i had to cobble together 3 pictures... obviously.