Sunday, November 23, 2008


tomorrow i work at the PA office of my company.. i am excited, i love change!

we were so productive today, after RHs game we walked the dogs, saw a hawk of some sort swoop through a tree grabbing a squirrel out of a nest high in a tree and fly it to a nearby house and pin it between its claws and the roof. later we walked back by it and saw it eating the squirrel. it was crazy!!

after walking the dogs we went to the groc store.. i like their store, the GIANT. i am sure i will be back later this week sometime. :) then E made lasagna, garlic bread and we had salad. i've had most of a bottle of wine while i read the new people. there is a scratch and sniff MP page.. i highly recommend it. :)

tues night my roomates come into town... wed the H's come in, and thursday is the big day!

i spoke to my friend AP today about this weekend... she is coming to the show with us on saturday. she is going to be sad cause her and her BF are breaking up and he is leaving for CA on saturday. :( but if i know AP, she will not let that get her down.