Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pineapples hurt.

i bought a real pineapple the other day and cut a slice off today so the fruit flys wouldn't eat all of it. it was so delicious and sweet, much sweeter than any canned pineapple.. but it cut my lips up something fierce. i am bleeding all around, my tongue feels like i drank soup that was too hot, or a licked a hot iron. its kind of awful. i think next time i eat the pineapple i will cut the fruit off the outside.

so thanks to ACH i went to a different insurance company and now my car insurance will be more like $90/month. thats like $50/month savings.. that's groceries! :)

i have a lot of things to do before i go to PA on saturday for the week and then NYC next weekend.

cath is giving away the bedroom furniture that i am using. so i need to pack up my bedroom then physically move the shit so she can deliver it to SH... all before i go away for a week. lovely.

i'm kind of excited to work out of a new office next week. it'll be fun.

i bought myself a printer from the woot off today.. i'm also very excited about it.